Big Hero 6: The Series Hindi Episodes Download (720p HD)

Big Hero 6: The Series Hindi Episodes

Hiro, a 14-year-old robotics genius, visits a research lab with his brother, Tadashi, where he meets Professor Callaghan. He presents his microbot concept and Callaghan accepts him in his school.

Dubbed by Disney Channel India

Encoded by TheAnimeChannel (previously known as Toon Anime India)

Series Info

Name: Big Hero 6: The Series

Release Year: 2017

Quality : 720p

Language: Hindi

Episode list

Episode 01 – Baymax Returns! (1 Hour Special)   [Beta]

Episode 02 – Fred’s Bro-Tillion!    [Beta]

Episode 03 – Big Roommates!   [Beta]

Episode 04 – Issue 188!   [Beta]

Episode 05 – Food Fight!   [Beta]

Episode 06 – Muirahara Woods!   [Beta]

Episode 07 – Failure Mode!   [Beta]

Episode 08 – Aunt Cass Goes Out!   [Beta]

Episode 09 – The Impatient Patient!   [Beta]














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